Video series champion Lenell Brown discusses his latest achievements with !!

Video series champion Lenell Brown discusses his latest achievements

Holidays Q&A/Mix 2021 

As we approach a new chapter, the dance music industry is celebrating the personal sounds that made this strange year a memorable one for electronic music artists such as Lenell Brown. Having solidified his place for one of the ultimate voices for EDM tracks, Lenell’s discography has been ever-increasing with tracks of pure quality. His gospel upbringing paved the way for his career to span across the world, touring in places such as Japan, America, and Switzerland whilst featuring on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers such as The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto, and Robbie Rivera.

Happy memory from this year

Getting vaccinated ..

The most challenging thing you’ve done this year

Staying Healthy and Covid free.

This time last year you were…

In the Studio recording

Your new year’s resolution this year:

Staying healthy and getting fit

How long is it going to last?

I hope longer than this year.

Your musical goal for 2022

New releases with new amazing collaborations

A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into

I would love to get into some massage classes.

Your favourite Christmas/Holiday song

Without a doubt Little Drummer Boy

Your dream Christmas/Holiday present

Good health, nothing beats it..

Favourite festive food

Sweet potato pie

Your NYE plans this year

Just chillin with family and friends

Public figure of the year

Liz Chaney

Movie/TV show of the year


Track of the year that you were part of

The Lenell Brown “Bring It To Life“ video series

Artist or label to watch out for in 2022

Clipper’s Sounds Dance Label

Dream collaboration

would love to have a collaboration with Martin Garrix

Something you learned this year

to be creative in all situations

A prediction about the world in 2022

Hopefully a conclusion to this covid pandemic which has divided so many communities.

Sum up your 2021 in 3 words

Consistent , Patient , Commitment

Lenell Brown Online:

Lenell Brown is Smashing it With His Visual Release Series – Check out ‘All I Need Is You’ !!!

Lenell Brown is Smashing it With His Visual Release Series – Check out ‘All I Need Is You’


Lenell Brown is Smashing it With His Visual Release Series – Check out ‘All I Need Is You’

Over the last few months of 2021, Lenell Brown has kept his image fresh with a list of impressive works building the discography of his highly anticipated ‘Bring it to Life’ video series that has seen multiple successes in the industry. Lenell is tasked with bringing some of his best work to life, Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry and breaks new grounds as he brings visual content to his original music productions. You can expect to see monthly releases in the form of professionally produced videos pertaining to his previous releases like ‘Oh Oh Oh’, ‘Somewhere’, and ‘Compulsive’.

As a music producer and talented vocalist, an unmistakable voice and talent are what sets Lenell Brown apart from the rest. Lenell’s latest video series is a clear demonstration of his talent, as he is able to create engaging, upbeat, and memorable videos that will make you want to get on the dance floor and forget about your plans for tomorrow. Great releases like ‘One Day’ and ‘Freak Dream’ have helped him along the way to cement himself in the industry. Lenell has worked alongside some of the best producers in the game and has gone on to shoot his own music videos in Italy, a clear indicator that his career is pushing forward.

‘All I Need Is You’ shares a story of a young couple who display their affection for each other whilst dancing with rhythm and energy on the beach. You can expect to be treated to Balearic tinges and lush atmospherics with energized beats and drops while the video offers up a whole new spectrum to Lenell’s imagination and works in perfect harmony with the original song. You can expect to see their next visual release in December which will be followed by the remainder of the series in the weeks and months to follow. This staggered and periodic schedule of music meets visual content will provide a year of the very best that this creative musician has to offer.

Be sure to keep up with Lenell Brown and his team as they plan on releasing more exciting content in the months to come.

Watch ‘All I Need Is You’ Here:

Lenell Brown Online:

Both Face Online:


Lenell Brown Presenta Su Nuevo Sencillo Y Video “Don’t Waste It”

Lenell Brown Presenta Su Nuevo Sencillo Y Video “Don’t Waste It”

Lenell Brown Presenta Su Nuevo Sencillo Y Video

Lenell Brown se ha unido una vez más con los galardonados productores Ben Mühlethaler y James Hoover para ofrecer una melodía sobresaliente titulada “Don’t Waste It” que presenta ritmos conmovedores y buenas vibraciones. La canción emana positividad con su letra vivaz y fácil de seguir combinada con sus líneas de bajo optimistas y funky y melodías pegadizas.

Las ricas voces de Lenell son un punto de vista clave, ya que complementan sin esfuerzo la musicalidad en este lanzamiento. “Don’t Waste It” también viene con una fría mezcla de Ibiza donde los cambios sutiles han creado una sensación completamente nueva con énfasis en sintetizadores y sonidos graves más profundos. ¡Transportándote a la isla blanca, esta adaptación es una felicidad absoluta!

Después de haber solidificado su lugar para una de las mejores voces para las pistas de EDM, la discografía de Lenell ha ido en aumento con pistas de pura calidad. Ha sido responsable de lanzamientos extraordinarios como “One Day”, “Freak Dreams” y “I Need Lovin”. Su carrera lo ha llevado por todo el mundo, trabajando con algunas de las escenas de los productores más talentosos como Robbie Rivera y The Zombie Kids, por nombrar algunos.

En cada una de las canciones de Lenell Brown, puedes escuchar su educación evangélica a la vanguardia de sus estilos vocales, ya que sus letras son siempre una historia de amor con vibraciones enérgicas con características electrizantes.

No desperdicie Ya está disponible en el Clipper’s Sound de España. ¡Este lanzamiento personifica el sonido del verano!

Reproduce & Descarga

OUT NOW!! Lenell Brown “ONE DAY” (official HD video)


Lenell Brown – ” ONE DAY ” directed by David Montenegro (Blackmont Audio Visual) Track


Written and Produced by Lenell Brown & Benjamin Mühlethaler

arranged by: Benjamin Mühlethaler

Mixed and Mastered by: James Hoover

Label : Clipper’s Sounds

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Lenell Brown “One Day” Releases on Clipper’s Sounds

Clipper’s Sounds very own resident vocalist Lenell Brown kicks off the new year with a brand new single titled “One Day”. Instantly giving off good vibes from the moment you press play. Lenell Brown “One Day” is a melodic, upbeat banger that transports you to warm summer evenings.

“One Day” by Lenell Brown

Track review

Lenell Brown has truly excelled in his undertakings as a producer with this release. The lyrical content is emotive yet seriously catchy. His voice is complemented by the bouncing groove. As a result, this adds to the positive impact it has on audiences. “One Day” shows off Lenell Brown’s vocal range perfectly because of his surprising and powerful adlibs throughout the track.

The Lenell Brown “One Day release also includes a stunning music video. Filmed in Tuscany over the new year. As such this really reinforces that upbeat summer-feels vibe that perseveres through his tracks.

About Lenell Brown

Lenell Brown saw out the end of 2019 with two major compilation track placements on Clipper’s Sounds and Universal Music Spain. Also, he has a four-page spread in Beatselector Magazine under his belt. Looking ahead for Lennell Brown, 2020 is set to be an especially big year as he has several more tunes lined up, and some amazing collaborations on the horizon.

This release is out now Clipper’s Sounds, and available for download.

OUT NOW !!!! Dancefloor Annual 2017 (Éxitos De Auténtica Música De Baile 2017)

OUT NOW !!! “Dancefloor Annual 2017″featuring various artist including  3 tracks from Lenell Brown .

Label: Universal Music / Clipper’s Sounds

Berlin, Germany !!! Video and photo shoot for new House single Dual One feat. Lenell Brown ” Do It Just Fine”.


Lenell Brown is looking forward to hooking back up with Producer & Director Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios located in Manchester, England for next weeks video shoot in BERLIN, Germany for the Dual One feat. Lenell Brown new house single “DO IT JUST FINE”.  Single release date set for Sept. 26th 2016. Lenell is looking forward to working with a beautiful and talented cast consisting of professional dancer and choreographer, make-up artist , model and actress Stella Tsompanopoulou and Claudia Graf.

“PURPOSE”(extended mix) video, post production underway!!!




Pictured above; The lovely Alisa Fetaj & Lenell Brown12132581_10153092463995966_476964403068887907_oPictured above The lovely Alisa Fetaj & Lenell Brown.




Photos by Elerby Studios

Producer/Director- Lee Bolton

Visual Artist – Zoe Mccaffrey