Berlin, Germany !!! Video and photo shoot for new House single Dual One feat. Lenell Brown ” Do It Just Fine”.


Lenell Brown is looking forward to hooking back up with Producer & Director Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios located in Manchester, England for next weeks video shoot in BERLIN, Germany for the Dual One feat. Lenell Brown new house single “DO IT JUST FINE”.  Single release date set for Sept. 26th 2016. Lenell is looking forward to working with a beautiful and talented cast consisting of professional dancer and choreographer, make-up artist , model and actress Stella Tsompanopoulou and Claudia Graf.

Lenell Brown “All About The Grind” 2015 photo shoot location has been determined.

20131214_SE_9114The location for the “All About The Grind” 2015 photo shoot has been determined.

This year the shoot will take place in the UK in Manchester, England. I’m looking forward to returning to one of my favorite cities in England.

More details will be posted at a later date.

Photo (above) from the “ALL ABOUT THE GRIND” 2014 photo shoot with Manuela Leuenberger.
Production and Camera crew – my visual team ; Stefanie Etterof Stefanie Etter Photography and Stefania Pennella of .


Lenell Brown 2014: In Review.

Designed by : Mike An

2014 !! What a year! I just want to take moment to thank all of my Fans ,Friends and Family  for your support. You helped push my music forward to new levels and for that I’m grateful and I say Thank You!! WE accomplished allot this year. Shout Out to my REMADY fam and,Massive Shout Out to my Universal Zulu Nation fam  for keeping me grounded and educated in the culture and teaching me the ability to Overstand. To all of my sponsors and contributors your support is priceless thank you for all that you do for the Lenell Brown team. To my friend and Producer Ben Mühlethaler and the entire production team  James Hoover, and John Moran. We reached new heights this year. Lets keep the GRIND movin and BLAST it in 2015. Sending SHOUTS UP to the real G for Blessing me. Through his Grace all things are possible.  I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year!!  Peace & Blessings, Lenell


Original photo taken by my visual team- Stefanie Etter Photography &

Poster designed by – Mike An

OPEN-AIR BELLIKON 2014 (Switzerland)


supported by the incredible Clique Crew and a special set feat. the local dance group ” Motion Crew”

Lenell Brown receives Gold Album Award for his participation on the Remady & Manu-L “The Original” album.

Producer Ben Mühlethaler & Lenell Brown.

After years of going to the studio and looking and admiring the Gold and Platinum Awards on the walls of my producer Ben Mühlethaler . Yesterday was a “Highlight” day. I received my first Gold Album Award for my participation on the REMADY & Manu-L album “The Original”. Massive Shout Out to my Producer Ben for his support and friendship over the years and a Huge THANK YOU to my Remady fam for absolutely EVERYTHING . You guys ROCK!!!

Lenell Brown featured in the “DAILYBUZZ” !!!

OUT NOW !!! Pad Frozen & K-stylez ” WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE ” Feat. Lenell Brown !!

Available on iTunes , Amazon , and all other download platforms.
CHECK IT OUT !! Thank you for your support. Peace Lenell

OUT NOW !!! Lenell Brown & MC Sha-Rock ” Stay Tonight”.

On the Rise! Staying Dedicated To The Grind !!


In the Summer of 2012 he was on stage with Remady at the ESKA Music Awards in Poland and the Swiss Elite Model Look Final show in Zurich Switzerland. Now the American R&B and Soul Singer Lenell Brown who lives in Thun, Switzerland, is planning to do more Hip Hop and Crossover projects with artist who have already established themselves in the international music scene.

Growing up in Jeffersonton,Virginia (USA), the son of a Pastor, Lenell  already started singing  as a child in a Baptist church. He started his music career as a teenager in the international education and performing organisation “Up With People“. With them he performed professional musical shows touring in over twenty countries on four continents all over the world.

Every since Lenell moved to Switzerland he has been trying to get popular nationwide and internationally with his music. “My true love is R&B and Hip Hop but, I’m into all generes of music like Rock, Metal, Blues, Gospel and of course House“,  as he describes his own music style. His songs are mainly inspired by emotional subjects which pull on the strings of the heart like love, human conflicts and general problems of society and nature.

From R&B lines over Hip Hop beats to Progressive House productions with Remady

Lenell  already worked together with some well-known artist. With the ex-miss Switzerland and DJane,  Mahara McKay he released the song “Relax to the Max“ in 2006 which was released on the Webster Hall Records Label in the States. Besides his participation on the two CD productions of the Irish-Bernish rapper Duke Sheltic (2010: Diary Scraps / 2012: 2nd Shot) he also released the song “So oder So“ (Engl.: “So or So“) with Switzerlands Rap and Beatbox Star Steff la Cheffe in 2011.

One of his most exciting  collaborations was with House-DJ and producer Remady from Zurich, Switzerland. Performing highlight shows with Remady this past summer at the Eska Music Awards (2012) in Poland and at the Swiss Elite Model Final show in Zurich (2012). Furthermore he was part of the production „F**k This“ (Remady Remix / Bruz Wane feat. LB) which is a track on the Remady & Manu-L “The Original“ CD  which won Best Dance Album  at the 2013 Swiss Music Awards. For Brown it’s clear: “The most important moment in my music career was meeting Remady and him taking  me into the Remady Family”.

Currently a CD production with Donald-D (Ice-Ts Rhyme Syndicate,B-Boys, Bronx Syndicate,Zulu Nation) is in the making.

Despite his newest successes Brown admits to seeing certain challenges in the Swiss music industry: The R&B scene in Switzerland is not as big or popular as in America  which creates a real challenge when it comes down to show bookings. Yet he is very optimistic for the future. He is currently working on the second single and music video ” Can Ya All Feel It” with his Hip Hop partner Donald-D.

For Brown the consistent production of high quality music is just as important as the future single releases. He has surrounded himself with a  solid team consisting of long time friend and music producer and sound engineer Benjamin Mühlethaler , and the Grammy Award Winner James Hoover(Mixing) and John Moran(Mastering) and of course the R&B singer is honored by his partnership with Hip Hop Legend Donald-D.

“The most important thing to me is that God has Blessed me to have the opportunity to work with great people in the music industry.“

Lenell is excited about future collaborations and shows with some incredible Artist. He  is also  very thankful for all of the support from his family and friends and sponsors.

Stay tuned in for future developments.

(Written by freelance journalist Yasmin Ablondi )

(Photo by: Stefanie Etter Photography /makeup- Stefania Pennella ,