“COMPULSIVE” video shoot to be filmed in Prague, Czech Republic in June 2017 !!!

18401882_10211162274387261_1713707992372509939_oFrom Berlin,Germany to Torrita di Siena, Italy and in June, Prague, Czech Republic . I’m looking forward to hooking back up with award winning director and producer Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios (Manchester,England) and the very talented and lovely dancer Claudia Graf (Switzerland) for the filming of the new single yet to be released “COMPULSIVE” by Dual One feat. Lenell Brown.

The Zombie Kids feat Lenell Brown ” Waste My Time (BothFace remix)” video shoot in Italy is a wrap !!



(Above Lenell Brown pictured with Dancer and performer Claudia Graf)

The Zombie Kids feat Lenell Brown ” WASTE MY TIME” ” (Both Face remix)Video shoot in centro storico di Torrita di Siena, Italy completed filming over this past weekend. Stay tuned for the release of the video coming soon !!
Produced & Directed by Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios Manchester, England

AND THAT’S A WRAP !! Dual One feat. Lenell Brown ” Do It Just Fine” Video shoot in Berlin , Germany is complete,



( Pictured above Dancer,Dance instructor, Model , Claudia Carmen Graf )

Berlin,Germany … Director & Producer Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios Manchester,England reconnecting with Lenell Brown to bring you another top production with the very talented Claudia Graf & Stella Tsompanopoulou for the video shoot of Dual One Feat. Lenell Brown ” Do It Just Fine “.

Berlin, Germany !!! Video and photo shoot for new House single Dual One feat. Lenell Brown ” Do It Just Fine”.


Lenell Brown is looking forward to hooking back up with Producer & Director Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios located in Manchester, England for next weeks video shoot in BERLIN, Germany for the Dual One feat. Lenell Brown new house single “DO IT JUST FINE”.  Single release date set for Sept. 26th 2016. Lenell is looking forward to working with a beautiful and talented cast consisting of professional dancer and choreographer, make-up artist , model and actress Stella Tsompanopoulou and Claudia Graf.