Lenell Brown Fires Again With Visual Release ‘Ohhh’ !!!

Lenell Brown Fires Again With Visual Release ‘Ohhh’


Lenell Brown is back this month with a brand-new video release of one of his previous hits ‘Ohhh’ as part of his ongoing video series which has garnered a large amount of support and attention over the last few months. With this release, you can expect to be treated to a high-quality and original video as Lenell continues to impress with a totally modern revamp of some of his most popular hits. Lenell Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry as the joint endeavor alongside Producer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked with bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life breaks new grounds. New content will be dropping from Lenell every month, so keep an eye out for what he has in store for us next.

Having solidified his place for one of the ultimate voices for EDM tracks, Lenell’s discography has been ever-increasing with tracks of pure quality. Lenell Brown’s gospel upbringing paved the way for his career to span across the world, touring in places such as Japan, America, and Switzerland whilst featuring on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers such as The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto, and Robbie Rivera. His career has taken him around the globe, you can expect the same level of high-quality work from Lenell that has distinguished his name in the world of dance music and brought his sounds overseas to thousands of fans.Lenell’s latest video of ‘Somewhere’ depicts a warm and happy vibe, with multiple shots highlighting the beauty of African wildlife and culture, as it follows an African pair who dance proudly together and overall emanate a feel-good vibe. Overall, Lenell has done a really good job capturing the sultry and fun vibrations that ‘Ohhh’ has to offer, with its easy-to-follow lyrical work and energetic video that will have you reminiscing over your best summer memories.

Watch ‘Ohhh’ Here:

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Lenell Brown is Crushing 2021 With His ‘Bring it to Life’ Video Series – Check Out ‘Compulsive’

Lenell Brown is Crushing 2021 With His ‘Bring it to Life’ Video Series – Check Out ‘Compulsive’


Lenell Brown is Crushing 2021 With His ‘Bring it to Life’ Video Series – Check Out ‘Compulsive’

Lenell Brown is kicking off yet another impressive release this month, featuring as the fourth release so far in his ‘Bring it to life’ video series that has taken the industry by storm. ‘Compulsive’ marks Lenell’s latest work in the series, and just like his previous pieces, you can expect to be treated to a high-quality and original visual remaster of the originals. This is brought to you by Lenell himself, alongside Producer & Director Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is tasked with bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life. New content will be dropping from Lenell every month, so keep an eye out for what he has in store for us next.

Lenell Brown’s gospel upbringing paved the way for his career to span across the world, touring in places such as Japan, America, and Switzerland. Some of his career accolades also include featuring on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers such as The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto, and Robbie Rivera. However, Lenell is taking a slightly different approach to his career this year, delving into the media and directing side of the industry. However, you can still expect the top-notch quality work from Lenell that has distinguished his name in the world of dance music and brought his sounds overseas to all corners of the globe.

You can expect the visual remake of ‘Compulsive’ to stick with that iconic warm and sultry vibe, as the yellow-tinged video provides the perfect escapism we’re all craving right now as we near the end of the pandemic. Directed by renowned talent Vince Magnata, Lenell’s video depicts scenes of a raunchy summer paradise, soaked with beautiful scenery, golden beaches, and of course, beautiful women that dance throughout the video to top it all off. You can expect to see their next visual release on September 3rd, which will be followed by the remainder of the series in the weeks and months to follow. Be sure to keep up with Lenell’s up-and-coming work with his team as they plan on releasing more exciting content in the months to come.

Watch ‘Compulsive’ Here:

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Entrevistamos al vocalista y productor Lenell Brown, para charlar sobre sus planes de futuro y los efectos de la pandemia

Artista talentoso de voz inconfundible. Lenell Brown no solo es un vocalista de primera, además es un productor de éxito, y su increíble diversidad ha impulsado su carrera a nivel internacional.

Con grandes lanzamientos a su espalda como ‘Freak Dreams’ o ‘One Day’, sin duda se ha consolidado en la industria de la música. Aunque su principal pasión es el R&B, Lenell Brown no se ha limitado aun solo género. También ha escrito e interpretado una variedad de producciones deRock, Blues, House, Lounge y Hip-Hop.

¿Cómo encaras este año?

Me siento muy emocionado por el nuevo año. Ojalá este año esté lleno de nuevas producciones, nuevas colaboraciones y nuevos éxitos.

¿Cuáles son tus propósitos para este peculiar 2021 y el futuro?

Personalmente, mi propósito de Año Nuevo es simplemente seguir viviendo de manera saludable, mientras soy feliz con mi familia y amigos. Profesionalmente, me esforzaré por aprovechar el éxito que tuvimos en 2020, y al hacerlo, deseo tener muchas colaboraciones con productores nuevos y pasados.

¿Qué planes de futuro tienes para tu carrera?

Mi plan más importante para mi carrera este año sería poder viajar, ya que me encantaría poder hacer vídeos para algunas de mis producciones lanzadas. Veamos cómo funcionan las cosas con esta pandemia…

¿Cómo crees que te ha desarrollado durante el último año?

Siento que mi estilo de componer música realmente se ha desarrollado durante el año pasado. Cambié en algunas pistas, alejándome de mis típicas letras románticas, y en su lugar trabajé para producir un par de canciones divertidas para fiestas.

Nombra tus 3 objetivos principales que esperas lograr

Mi primer objetivo sería colocar algunas pistas en algunos álbumes recopilatorios importantes. En segundo lugar, me gustaría producir vídeos musicales para algunas de mis pistas anteriores, que creo que podrían haber tenido la exposición que se merecen con un vídeo. Mi último objetivo principal, sería tener algunas de mis pistas sonando en las listas.

¿Qué lección aprendió de 2020 que estés aplicando al 2021?

Una lección que aprendí en 2020 y que traeré conmigo al 2021 es no rendirme nunca. Convierte siempre lo negativo en positivo y que me refuerce.

Si pudieras retroceder en el tiempo hasta el año pasado y dejarte un mensaje para ti, ¿Qué diría?

Tienes esto, haz lo tuyo y disfruta del viaje. Tienes mi aprobación.

Finalmente, ¿Cuáles son tus predicciones para 2021?

Mi predicción para 2021 es que comenzaremos a ver la luz al final del túnel con esta devastadora pandemia. Es más,
tendremos conciertos para celebrar la vida de los vivos y los que han cruzado.

Check out Lenell Brown’s latest single ‘Freak Dreams’ new track review in Global Techno Magazine!!

Check out Lenell Brown’s latest single ‘Freak Dream’

Lenell Brown is back with a track slightly different to some of his previous releases, featuring a much darker production behind him Lenell’s lyrics tell a story of a hazy club night rendezvous.  With the story reflecting the music, ‘Freak Dreams’ offers a deep and dark vibe that allows Lenell to showcase his variety and apt for applying different vocal methods and lyrical content.

Freak Dreams still features Lenell’s signature and powerful adlibs, with his voice doing nothing but complimenting the beat. Music-wise, the track is bouncing and funky with subtle hints of a horn section and a culmination of layers of melodies and rhythms that makes for this track to be a sure hit.

Lenell Brown has been working harder than ever with his label residency at Clipper’s Sound Recordings to release more and more of his iconic sound with some of the best producers in the industry. Having seen success with releases such as ‘I Need Lovin’ and ‘One Day’ along with shooting music videos in Italy, it’s clear that Lenell’s career is rapidly on the rise.

Stay tuned to see what he gets up to next and grab your copy of ‘Freak Dreams’ now.

Link to review:

Check out Lenell Brown’s latest single ‘Freak Dream’




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Lenell Brown drops ‘One Day’ on Clipper’s Sounds

Lenell Brown drops ‘One Day’ on Clipper’s Sound


Lenell Brown drops ‘One Day’ on Clipper’s Sound

Clipper’s Sounds very own resident vocalist Lenell Brown kicks off the new year with a brand new single titled ‘One Day’. Instantly giving off good vibes from the moment you press play, ‘One Day’ is a melodic, upbeat banger that transports you to warm summer evenings.

Lenell has truly excelled himself with this release. The lyrical content is emotive yet seriously catchy, his voice is complemented by the bouncing groove of the song adding to the positive impact this piece of music has on its listener. ‘One Day’ shows off Lenell’s vocal range perfectly as he surprises you with powerful adlibs throughout the track.

The ‘One Day’ release also includes a stunning music video that was shot in Tuscany over the new year to really accentuate that upbeat summer feels that Lenell portrays in his music.

Lenell saw out the end of 2019 with 2 major compilation track placements with Clipper’s Sounds and Universal Music Spain, and a 4-page spread in ‘Beatselector Magazine’ under his belt and it’s looking to be an even bigger year in 2020 as he has several more tunes lined up for release and some amazing collaborations on the horizon.

This release is out now Clipper’s Sounds.

Download ‘One Day’


Lenell Brown Online





Lenell Brown drops ‘One Day’ on Clipper’s Sound




End of Year Review 2019 with Lenell Brown on The Rave Exchange


  • by

To mark the end of 2019, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to personal achievements – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents.

Highlight of 2019

Having 2 major track placements, one on ‘Dancefloor Annual 2019’  and the second on ‘Dancefloor Summer Hits 2019’ both are 40 track double CD compilation released on the Universal Music Spain and Clipper’s Sounds Dance label and of course the 4-page spread article in the Sep/Oct 2019 publication of BeatSelector Magazine (Behind The Scenes, Lenell’s Brown “I Need Lovin” )  absolutely INCREDIBLE !!

A happy memory from this summer:

The placement of my track “I NEED LOVIN“ on “Dancefloor Summer Hits 2019

A happy memory from this winter: 

My interview with Spain’s EDM Red magazine.

The most difficult thing you’ve done this year:

Finding enough recording time to complete all productions.

This time last year you were…

In the studio finishing the recording for “ I NEED LOVIN“

Your new year’s resolution this year:

To live a healthy lifestyle and produce some top collaboration productions with many new artists.

How long is it going to last?

I hope it will last for the entire year! Time will tell…

Your musical goal for 2020:

I would love to have track placements on the Universal Music Spain and Clipper’s Sounds Dancefloor Annual and Summer Dance hits double CD compilation productions again.

A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into:

I love cooking especially baking so maybe I will have more time this year in the kitchen discovering new recipes…

Your favourite Christmas song:

The “Little Drummer Boy“ by Pentatonix

Your dream Christmas present:

Tickets to my favourite musical  “Les Misérables“ or any all wellness gift certificates!

Favourite festive food:

Over the Christmas holidays, I love my sweet potato pie!

Your NYE plans:

This year I will be in Italy in the beautiful Tuscan region making the video for my next single release “ONE DAY“ which will be released on Spain’s Clipper’s Sounds dance label on January 10, 2020.

The public figure of the year:

Michelle Obama

Movie/TV show of the year:

The Blacklist

Song of the year that you were involved with:


Song of the year that you were not involved with:

Alesso – Time

Artist or label to watch in 2020:

Of course, it has to be Clipper’s Sounds & Lenell Brown

Something you learned in 2019:

To keep grinding and being productive with a relentless effort!!!

A prediction about the world in 2020:

That the struggle for peace and equality for mankind will continue with a better understanding of its importance.

And lastly, sum up your 2019 in 3 words:



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New Release !! Coming Soon!! Lenell Brown “ONE DAY”


Coming Soon on Spains major dance label Clippers Sounds.
Lenell Brown “ONE DAY” release date January 10, 2020.
Including a incredible collaboration with Grammy Award-winning audio engineer James Hoover on the radio mix of the track.

Deep Dive: Lenell Brown on 1001tracklists.com

Deep Dive: Lenell Brown
We’re delighted to give you a deep look inside the world of singer, songwriter, and producer Lenell Brown. The Swiss based Brown has quite an extensive professional touring and performing background and his background in singing goes back even further. We explore his roots across gospel, hip hop, and R&B, and discover the driving force behind his charting dance productions and features!
Lenell, thanks for joining us today! How’s your year been going thus far? What have been a few highlight moments?
It’s my pleasure, thanks for having me. Wow, I’ve had a fantastic year so far… It started off strong in February with my single “Always With Me” being placed on the highly anticipated annual 40 track double CD compilation on Universal Music Spain and Clipper’s Sounds Label, which charted at #1 on Spain’s iTunes Top Dance albums chart. It was fantastic because it pulled my single back into the single Dance charts so that set the tempo for the year.
I released my latest single “I Need Lovin” and that found two major placements on the IMS IBIZA 2019 Sampler and then on the amazing Clipper’s Sounds Label summer compilation “Dancefloor Summer Hits 2019“ which was one of my goals for this year so I can successfully check that off my list.
Can you introduce your singing, songwriting and production background to our readers? How long have you been working in music, how long in electronic music, how have you seen yourself develop in both? Where are you hoping to take your project in the future? 
I grew up singing gospel in church. That’s where my love for singing started and then spread out to go go, hip hop and R&B music. Then I toured and worked for the international performing organization UP With People for 6 years. On that circuit, I performed in a two hour musical show, and we did everything from private VIP shows to stadiums touring through 28 countries and 49 states. That was my introduction into the music and performance industry and gave me the opportunity to perfect my performing skills show after show after show.
I didn’t become a recording artist until I moved to Switzerland and being a recording artist is an entirely different ballgame. I will save those details for another interview lol… After touring and settling in Switzerland, I started singing and performing rock and blues as the lead singer for the incredible blues guitarist Rolf “LL” Lüthi & The Handyman. I started my career as a recording artist first writing and recording hooks on other artists’ projects which was great because it allowed me to also grow and develop my own sound with an added benefit of meeting and connecting with some really incredible artists.
Then I went back on tour in Switzerland performing with the hip hop and R&B group Duke Sheltic which was pure hip hop with a live band. We placed in the final top 10 acts of Switzerland to try and qualify for the 2011 Eurovision. We lost but the nationwide television exposure was fantastic. I became a solo recording artist and worked and toured with some great artists mainly in the hip hop genre, starting with Swiss award-winning Rapper Steff La Cheffe. I then partnered up with Ice-T’s legendary Rhyme Syndicate member “The Syndicate Sniper” Donald-D where we toured Holland, Germany, England and Poland and recorded several tracks. I also recorded with the Luminary Icon, hip hop’s first female emcee, MC Sha-Rock, and recorded several tracks with the West Coast G-Funk king, Shade Sheist who’s known for his debut track “Where I Wanna Be” feat. Nate Dogg and Kurupt. As well as recording and performing with a number of other talented and incredible artists such as JJ’s Hausband aka “the hardest working backing band” for sure one of the best live bands here in Switzerland, highlighted by receiving my gold album for my participation on the REMADY & Manu-L album “Original”.
This is all to say I classify myself as a recording and performing artist. I’m a singer, so many different genres have contributed to getting me to where I am today as a vocalist in the dance scene. When I first started recording vocals as a studio artist I was dropping a lot of featured vocals in electronic music. Today I’m still collecting royalties on productions that I featured on that I can’t even remember. Maybe it’s better like that, haha, but it’s a good feeling knowing someone is listening to your music somewhere.
Can you tell us some more about how your vocal background in gospel and hip hop influences your work in electronic music?
Those two major styles influences my music a great deal because it defines a very important part of who I am. The gospel side was my introduction to singing. It’s my base, my roots. Through gospel I learned to express my emotions, my conviction, and my love in a safe, free zone without knowing the effects that it would have on my future as a singer. Hip hop, it was the energy, the bass, the vibe, the flow, the conviction and the story telling. Guys like LL Cool J, Donald-D, Grandmaster Caz, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Shade Sheist all had a major impact on me. And especially Tupac, the master of putting energy and conviction behind his word and flow.
I can rap but I’m not a rapper. It wasn’t until BBD (Bell, Biv, Devoe) spun off from the “New Edition“ singing group and G-Funk King Nate Dogg (RIP) showed you that you could have success combining singing vocals with hip hop. Two totally different styles but both sounds were amazing. Pure genius and dopeness… I think that both genres allowed me to open my mind and experiment. To stay creative and open to all projects. I’m a well-rounded “singer“ which has allowed me to work with some incredible artists from around the world.
What’s your favorite Lenell Brown production to date and why does it stand out? 
I really love the “Always With Me” radio mix as well as the JFMEE remix of the track. The track was inspired by my godfather the late Rev. Billy Scott who passed at an early age from cancer. Rev. Scott was an amazing man and an incredible singer and performer. You know we artists, we think different, I don’t know, maybe we dream a bit much. Rev Scott took me under his wing when I was in school and gave me purpose. He educated me on performance and being real and true to myself and the importance of putting in the work behind the dreams in order to make them reality. The “Always With Me” track was a milestone for me. I finally reached the point in my career where I felt comfortable to write such a personal track.
What makes an outstanding vocal in electronic music? 
I really think it’s about having a balance…  fun, light and energetic party bangers sprinkled in with a few emotional soul stirring productions. Also the balance between too many vocals and less perfectly placed vocals. Sometimes less is truly better. The challenge as an artist is figuring it out.
In DJ sets nowadays, we’re seeing more and more artists throw in popular mainstream rap and hip-hop vocals throughout their sets, what’s your take on the blending of the two worlds? 
Oh, I love it!! If the production is tight and its vibing right, why not?
What’s next from you on the production front? 
I’m currently working on three productions which have me excited. All three tracks are so incredibly different from each other.
What else has you excited as we head out of the summer season? What are two goals you are hoping to achieve the rest of this year?  
Summer was great and now me and my producer Ben Muhlethaler are planning productions to get us in a good position to have a good chance of having a placement on the highly anticipated Universal Music Spain and Clipper’s Sounds double CD Dancefloor Annual 2020. So, I would say that my goals are to finish out this year as strong as it started with a couple of tracks charting and positioning us for a track placement in January 2020.