Lenell Brown Making Waves In 2016 !! (DailyBuzz.ch article)


Photo by Elerby Studios

MASSIVE Shout Out to the Dailybuzz.ch for putting the “Lenell Brown Team”on BLAST !!! What a great way to start 2016. Your support is appreciated.

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OUT NOW!! Terry Lex & Lenell Brown “PURPOSE” (extended mix) HD Video debuting model Alisa Fetaj.



Terry Lex & Lenell Brown “PURPOSE” (extended mix)
vocals: Lenell Brown
written by: Lenell Brown
Produced by Terry Lex
Vocal recording and arrangement by : Ben Mühlethaler
Label: Clipper’s Sounds

Alisa Fetaj (model)

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pur…
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1F1DP0q

Clipper’s Sounds has emerged as a leader in the dance and electronic music scene in Spain, encompassing all sub styles derived.

“Graces Fashion & Lifestyle” endorses Manchester,England video shoot!!

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MASSIVE Shout Out to the beautiful Miss Dina Rossi  of “Graces Fashion & Lifestyle” located in Thun, Switzerland for endorsing our model Alisa Fetaj for the Terry Lex & Lenell Brown “PURPOSE” (extended mix) video being filmed this weekend in Manchester,England by producer & director Lee Bolton of Elerby Studios. Thank you for your support. Graces, it’s more than Fashion, it’s a Lifestyle.