HOODBOYZ endorses Lenell Brown



Major breakthrough on the Sponsor and endorsement front!

Lenell Brown is excited to announce and welcomes the endorsement of one of the Largest online Street and Urban Wear Stores located in Germany! “HOODBOYZ”

After months of communicating and relationship building the endorsement has been confirmed. Its OFFICIAL !!!!!

HOODBOYZ has decide to endorse Lenell Brown and the LENELL BROWN BAND!

When asked how he felt about the endorsement Lenell said ” I’m more than excited to have their endorsement . Having Hoodboyz to endorse me and my Band is BIG, really BIG for us. Not only do they have the Freshest and Dopest gear on the web but they are really a great group of people to work with. I’m Blessed, truly Blessed and thankful. Welcome to the Lenell Brown Family Hoodboyz, let’s make GREAT things happen. “Hard Work Pays Off”

Lenell looks forward to building a solid partnership and representing HOODBOYZ to the FULLEST!!

Please take a minute and check out their website. They have all the Street and Urban Brands with GREAT SALES which mean EXCELLENT prices!!!

Let them know that Lenell sent you.

“JAZZY SENSATION” fresh jewelry for fly individuals. Endorsed by Lenell Brown

Jazzy Sensation strives to create fresh jewelry for fly individuals. People who value expressing their uniqueness and style will appreciate the handmade and individual pieces available with Jazzy Sensation.


Jazzy Sensation offers earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Typical materials used are wood, spray can caps, pearls and rhinestones as well as felt.
Jazzy Jes likes to incorporate symbols from various cultures and backgrounds:

  • Boombox, Clef
  • Icons from the music and dance scene
  • Cultural symbols like the Ankh, Duafe, Horus Eye


Prices range between CHF 10 and CHF 45 without shipping. Payment possible with Paypal. To order online: http://www.facebook.com/JazzySensation


As a B-Girl with a deeply rooted love for original Hip Hop Culture, Jazzy Jes has always appreciated fly and fresh looks.
Ever since her teenage years she never leaves the house without a pair of earrings. Continually looking for special, individual and unique accessories to wear, and being inspired by creative artists in the scene, she finally ended up making her own jewelry.
Friends and family soon took notice of her unique earrings and necklaces and started placing orders.
In light of the steadily growing demand Jazzy Jes decided to make her creations available to a wider group of people who share her love for creative and individual jewelry.

First international sponsor: Piccolo Ristorante

[ENGLISH] Lenell Brown would like to welcome the first International Sponsor Mario di Tano, owner of the Piccolo Ristorante- Pizzeria in Torrita di Siena, Italy.

[ITALIANO] Lenell Brown si rallegra di aver aquisito un nuovo sponsor.Mario di Tano, proprietario del Piccolo Ristorante – Pizzeria a Torrito di Siena in Italia è il nuovo membro della Famiglia LB! Benvenuto !

[DEUTSCH] Lenell Brown freut sich einen weiteren Sponsoren gewonnen zu haben: Mario di Tano, Eigentümer vom Ristorante – Pizzeria in Torrito die Siena, Italien, ist neues Mitglied der LB-Familie! Herzlich Willkommen!


Piccolo Ristorante Pizzeria
Via Passeggio Garibaldi, 51
Torrita di Siena