Lenell Brown’s Innovative ‘Bring It To Life’ Video Series on ” ONE EDM ” !!

Lenell Brown’s Innovative ‘Bring It To Life’ Video Series

Lenell Brown is launching a highly anticipated video for ‘Love You Down’. It is Lenell Brown’s first production in the multi-part ‘Bring It To Life’ video series. To summarize, it is a joint endeavour with producer and director, Gonzalo Suàrez Romero, who is bringing some of Lenell Brown’s best work to life. Lenell Brown’s original and innovative video series is unprecedented in the Dance music industry.

This video series breaks new grounds as he brings visual content to his original music productions. You can expect to see monthly releases in the form of professionally produced videos pertaining to his previous releases, starting off with ‘Love You Down’, whereas the rest are yet to be announced.

Lenell Brown is a great talent as always

An unmistakable voice and talent are what sets Lenell Brown apart from the rest, his talents as a singer have taken his image to every corner of the globe. Great releases like ‘One Day’ and ‘Freak Dream’ have helped him along the way to cement himself in the industry. Lenell has worked alongside some of the best producers in the game. In fact, he has gone on to shoot his own music videos in Italy. It really marks as a clear indicator that his career is pushing forward.

You can expect to see their next visual release on the 4th of June. After that, it will be followed by the remainder of the series in the weeks and months to follow. This staggered and periodic schedule of music meets visual content will provide a summer of the very best that this creative musician has to offer.

Be sure to keep up with Lenell Brown and his team as they plan on releasing more exciting content, especially content from ‘Love You Down’, in the months to come.

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